Our Story

Panda Express Angus

From our first meal of sweet and sour chicken balls served on June 15, 2009, all the way to the present moment in 2020, Panda Express has stayed a local family business that is proud to serve you and your family. Hailing from China, we have always been huge fans of cooking and traditional foods. Starting a Chinese restaurant in Canada was the perfect way for us to keep a piece of our country, located 9 410 km across the globe, in our everyday lives. We aim to keep the unique style of Chinese cooking dominant within every dish we served, yet fuse it with a Canadian twist to represent how proud we are to be Canadian. Every meal, no matter how small or large, is made with a dedication to share our culture and our respect for Canada. We love our community, and we thank each and every one of you for supporting us in letting the story of Panda Express flourish.

Proud Owners of Panda Express,

Jian and Jenny